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Redeemer’s Mission: Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus and the community of faith, offering hope, help and healing in His name.

Redeemer’s Vision: Connecting to God, connecting to people, connecting to life!

April 2010

Sundays @ Redeemer

Band-Led Service - 8:45 am Sunday30 (children) – 8:45 am Adult Bible Study – 9:00 am Organ-Led Service – 10:30 am

Reverend Dr. Harold S. Draeger

Lead Pastor

Reverend Eric Robinson

Outreach Pastor

Reverend Robert E. Wobrock

Visitation Pastor

Reverend Dr. John P. Uhlig

Pastor Emeritus

Mr. Michael J. Mancini

School Principal

Redeemer Lutheran Church and School

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod 468 Grand Street

Redwood City CA 94062-2062 Church Office 650.366.5892 School Office 650.366.3466

God, bless the reader of this newsletter … may it lift up and edify

… strengthen and encourage … challenge and make us dedicated … to His Kingdom! In His Name, Amen!

From Hal Draeger, Lead Pastor


We are entering the season of Easter. It is the highlight of Spring. It is the high point of the Christian faith. The days are longer. The flowers and trees are blooming. Kids are playing outside. Cyclists line the streets. And those are great things. The highlight remains Easter. Easter is God’s victory over all that is sinful, dark, and evil. Easter is the basis for all hope, joy and optimism. “He who was dead is alive.” The hope of Israel and, indeed, all of humanity is found in the victorious resurrection of Jesus. His resurrection is God’s “Yes” to His redemptive life and death. His resurrection gives us a new world view. Rather than a life that is based on scarcity, fear and competition, we have a life of hope, expectation and celebration. We can truly join Paul in saying, “Rejoice in the Lord, and again, I

say, Rejoice!” The resurrection of Jesus transforms us from death to life, from scarcity to the abundant life of faith, from competition to collaboration and collegiality. It moves us from discouragement to hope. It gives us a new world view by changing us within.

In the transformation that comes by faith, we are renewed spiritually and in our minds as well. We see possibilities and opportunities when others see problems and obstacles. It gives us a new perspective on ourselves, on others and on life in general. I have learned from photographers to look at stale, well photographed sites from new perspectives. Get down low, lay on the ground, climb up high. Zoom in, go wide angle. Experiment with lighting and time of day – even after the sun sets or just before it rises. Shoot into the sunset and then turn around and shoot away from it.

(Transformed Continuted) Keep looking for new perspectives – don’t assume there is just one great shot! “See how many photos there are here,” advises one of the great contemporary photographers. Look for possibilities; don’t believe in scarcity, and you will see more.

Our God transforms us to believe and to see everything in life connected to our relationship with Him. To His disciple Thomas, He said, “You believe because you see; blessed are those who believe without seeing.” There is much we have to take on faith. As Resurrection people, we see God working in all of life’s situations to bless us and to use us to be a blessing to others – to work all things for the good of those who love Him. One of the greatest blessings we can bring is our positive hope that centers in our God who lives triumphantly from the grave and who enables us to see life through the filter of His redeeming grace. We see life through the lens of possibilities, not problems. Rather than griping, we are grateful. We say with the Apostle Paul in the Great Resurrection Chapter (1 Corinthians 15), “Thanks be to God who gives us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” Michelangelo once said, “I saw an angel in the stone and I carved to set it free.” What is your perspective? What do you believe about God (and yourself) that will set you free? May your joy that comes from the forgiveness won by Jesus’ resurrection be infectious where ever you are!!

Maundy Thursday Passover Seder

On Maundy Thursday, April 1 folks at Redeemer will gather in homes for dinner and to celebrate the Passover

event that preceded Jesus’ betrayal and crucifixion and at which he instituted the Sacrament of Holy Communion. From homes

folks will proceed to the Fellowship Hall where we will gather for communion and dessert. The Celebration Choir will provide special music at the church during this event which re-enacts the traditional Jewish Passover.

Thanks to the host and hostesses for opening their homes. Special thanks to Pamela Estes and Stephanie McCollum for overall coordination and to Wendy Kinstler for organizing the homes and meals.

4 Youth Confirmed

Rob Harper, Brian LaCasse, Jacob Weller, and Logan Wolf confirmed their faith in the 8:45 worship on Palm Sunday. These young men have been

in the Head to Heart (H2H) Class for the last three years. As they confirm the faith of their baptism, may the Lord keep them growing as devoted followers of the Lord Jesus. The pastoral staff is grateful to Vicki

Justice, Steve Harper and Josh Chiamos who have served as small group leaders in H2H for the last few years.

Thanks to the Soup Supper Coordinators and Crew

Special thanks to Soo-Yee Lim and Arlene Templeton for coordinating the Soup Suppers again this Lent. Special thanks to the Soup Makers Extraordinaire: Hank and Lina Lassalle. They were assisted this year by Madel Duval, Kurt Schreiner and Stephanie McCollum. Major thanks for blessing us at Redeemer with your gifts of service. We are also grateful to those who served the dinners – The RLS staff, The Women of Faith group, the H2H kids, Cub Scout Pack 146, and the Seekers group. You all have enriched our lives through the gift of your time and service.

THANKS to Karen Kneedler

Our thanks are extended to Karen Kneedler for over 27 years of service in the church office. She has left her role as administrative assistant. Her faithful years keeping schedules, weekly e-News, Round Redeemer publication, record keeping and sundry other tasks were a wonderful blessing to our work together at Redeemer. May our God bless her richly in her volunteer ministries.

From John Uhlig, Pastor Emeritus

Stephanie McCollum has assumed the work of part-time administrative assistant to work alongside of Laurel. Stephanie can be reached at

Catch the Sermon Podcasts

Sunday sermons are available online at or through the i-Tunes store FREE. They are usually available within an hour after the worship service. Thanks to Pastor Eric for writing the program that makes all this work on our website.


Romans 8,1: "There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Does not this word from the Apostle Paul bring joy to our hearts? We sometimes lose this "joy of our salvation". It happened to Paul. Listen to him in Romans 7,24 as he says, "Wretched man that I am!" He actually felt that way - wretched! No spiritual joy in his heart! Down! Way down spiritually! Why?

He was looking at himself, and he saw his sinfulness! How could he, a sin filled man, stand before his sinless God? But then he looked to the cross of Jesus, and again he saw Jesus, his Redeemer, the One Who suffered, died and rose again for HIS salvation. His joy returns, his spiritual joy, and he exalts, "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

Here is the secret to joy, spiritual joy. Look at YOURSELF, as Paul was doing in Romans 7, and you will see sin, YOUR sin. You too will say with Paul, "The good that I would I do not; the evil that I hate, THAT I do!" (7,19). That is exactly what I see when I look at myself. I see failure - failure to love God as I want to. I see sin - doing the things don't want to do - being unloving, unkind, critical, even resentful.

Look to the cross and see Jesus, says the Holy Spirit to us. "Remember that He kept the law perfectly - for you. Remember that He took your guilt to the cross and there He endured its penalty = God-forsakeness," says the Holy Spirit. This we do! Then we hear the Father say to us, "You, My son, my daughter, are fully forgiven. I absolve you! I declare you justified! There is, therefore, no damnation for you, because you are in Christ Jesus."

THAT brings JOY to my heart. It really does! Do you feel this joy? I do! I can smile - at myself and at others - all because of Jesus.

From Eric Robinson, Outreach Pastor


A few days ago, someone on my triathlon team fell from her bike while going fast down a reasonably steep hill. She doesn’t remember what happened, but as I collected pieces of her bike while we waited for the ambulance, I could tell that her crash was ugly. I have never seen someone’s seat get knocked off the top of someone’s bike, nor would I have thought it possible. Her front wheel was bent as though it was a piece of paper being folded in half, and the metal didn’t bend – it tore. Seriously. It hit so hard that the metal simply tore.

We applied first aid as best we could, as she was bleeding from her knees and hands. Later the docs wouldn’t even bother trying to use stitches, because the wounds were too big. She hung in there remarkably well, occasionally making jokes with the rest of us even though she was clearly in a lot of pain. The ambulance pulled up, and the medics began to check her out. They

asked simple questions, like “What day of the week is it,” “Who is the president,” and “What is the date today.” Oddly enough, none of us could remember the date – I usually have to check my blackberry for that.

Her responses, while generally coherent, unnerved us a bit, and so the medics decided to use something called a C-Collar. If you have never been subjected to this primitive form of torture, consider yourself lucky. This meant that my teammate was strapped to a small surfboard with a special set of pads and straps to immobilize the victim’s (oops, I mean patient’s) head and neck. The concern was that she sustained a concussion and/or an injury to her neck and spine, and the C-Collar held everything in place until X-rays could determine if she had, in fact, broken anything.

Thankfully, she was all right – no concussion, no injured neck. But as the medics were strapping her to that horribly uncomfortable looking medieval torture device, one of them looked up at me and asked me to hold her head steady while they put everything together. Since one doesn’t argue with a medic while their friend is lying on the ground bleeding, I stooped down and held her head and neck straight, reminding her not to try and move.

At some point, I thought, “Well this is a new experience…” I realized that whenever I am offering help to someone in a medical context, I act as a pastor or chaplain. I treat the soul, not the body, so to speak. I talk to people who have just been diagnosed with cancer or lost a loved one. I help them to come to terms with life altering medical conditions. I help them try to make sense of their loss in light of God’s grace. I do NOT hold someone’s head steady while they are being put in a C-Collar.

As I reflected on this temporary career change, remembered that God is not particularly interested in keeping things as I think they ought to be. He does not follow rules, nor does he make sure that our experiences can be properly fit into nice, neat categories. In fact, when he uses us in profound ways, bringing transformation to us and our circumstances, he is also breaking down the ways in which we categorize our lives. Instead of a pastor, I was briefly a medic. Which leads me to my question for you:

How has God used you in ways that broke down your categories for yourself while allowing you to be an agent of his grace and peace?

My friend is fine, by the way.

Her bike…not so much.



Dear Redeemer Members and Friends,

It has been such an honor serving you along with nearly a dozen Pastors and Vicars/Interns as church secretary over these many years.

Thanks for the prayers, kind words, and warm hugs. To the many volunteers who helped me "get the job done" I want to say that I really appreciate each and every one of you. I miss the friendly faces and visits during the daily activities of the busy church office. However, stepping back at this time allows me time for refreshment --- spiritually, mentally and physically.

Through Holy Spirit’s power, I'm keeping my focus on God and trusting Him to lead and use me for His Glory according to His good and gracious will - blessing me where I need it most! I have not retired but instead repositioned as I continue to serve as His conduit in the ongoing volunteer positions in the Stanford Spiritual Care Department, donating blood at their Blood Center and as Internet Crisis Counselor for "New Hope Now." If you are interested in volunteering alongside me - - - just let me know!

May God continue to bless Redeemer Ministries as it touches lives in His name!

In His Grip, Karen Kneedler


I would like to thank Maureen Krantz, Etta Hansen, Dorene Lamprecht, and Dorothy Patterson for making 73 tote bags for the CNH LWIM Convention. Your hard work is appreciated, and your contribution helped greatly in accomplishing the 500 tote bag goal.

Sincerely, Mardell Rogers

Thank-you Notes Continued


Home and Hope families are served by Redeemer volunteers even when they are not living on our campus. We are asked to support the Community Church of Christ in San Carlos when they house the families. This is because Redeemer can only host families for two weeks while other churches host for four weeks each year.

On Friday evening, March 5, Judy Weller with Sarah and Jacob assisting, provided the dinner for the families, and evening visiting and activities for the children. Fran and Kurt Schreiner were overnighters staying with the families in the event of an emergency and setting out breakfast for them next morning.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to these willing volunteers who gave up an evening to care for families who are temporarily without permanent homes - "you have done it to the least of these my brethren".

Sincerely, Ruth Finkelstein

Holy Week

Worship Services

Maundy Thursday

April 1 ~ 7:45pm Service + Holy Communion

Good Friday

April 2 12:30pm Meditative Service 7:30pm Tenebrae Service (Service of Darkness)

Easter Sunday

April 4 ~ 8:45am + 10:30am Celebrative Service

He has risen! He has risen indeed!


Alexander McDonald


Rob Harper, Brian LaCasse, Jacob Weller, and Logan Wolf.

REDEEMER LUTHERAN SCHOOL is currently accepting enrollment applications for Kindergarten (K - waiting list) 1st through 8th grade (school year August 2010 - June 2011) beginning March 1. Applications are available by calling the school office or they can be downloaded from For more information or to make an appointment to observe the classroom and/or meet with Principal Mike Mancini, please call the school office at 366-3466 ext. 10.


Redeemer Sermons Available as Podcasts

All of Redeemer's messages (Sundays and special services) are now available as a downloadable podcast, and they are typically posted to iTunes and our website shortly after the service. To find them go to and look for the icon (above). You can also select "Sunday Messages" from the top right of the page. Clicking on the icon will launch iTunes and take to the subscription page. Enjoy! Major kudos to Pastor Eric for writing the program that makes this possible.


This IRA Builds Churches.

An investment in a CEF IRA is like making a missionary out of your retirement savings.

Your investment helps to support the Lord’s work by enabling congregations to buy land, construct new buildings and to expand, providing a place and a space to minister to their community. At the same time, your investment builds for your retirement through interest earnings. What a great way to provide for your future, while helping to spread the Gospel to others!

For more information on joining this unique ministry, contact your volunteer Congregational Rep Glenn Hessler at or (650) 364-2739 or call CEF toll-free at (866) 452-6739 for more information.


MAY 15TH AT 8:00PM

Introducing the 6th Annual Redeemer Theater Night. Join Redeemer families in an evening of entertainment, and proceeds support RLEAF (Redeemer Lutheran Educational Assistance Fund). New this year: Champagne and Treats at Hillbarn Theater.

Date: May 15, 2010 Group Dinner: 5:00pm at Thai Satay in San Mateo Champagne and Treats: 7:15 at Theater Show Starts at: 8:00pm Location: Hillbarn Theatre 1285 E. Hillsdale Blvd, Foster City

Please purchase tickets by April 25, 2010

Order tickets by phone, email, or between services on Sundays from Barry Dixon. Phone: 650 349-0255 Email:



From Virginia Nelson, Board Member


God enables us through Life Enrichment Ministry to enhance our latter years by sharing with others our Christian love and fellowship.

Another wonderful luncheon was led off by a group of 35

seniors gathered to the singing of “The More We Get Together”

led by Grace Schnereger on the piano. This was followed by a

senior version of “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”.

After sharing some of his famous jokes, Pastor Bob led a brief discussion of miracles. He reminded us that God does miracles to impress us with His power. He does miracles in our lives but we don’t always recognize them. There is no such thing as luck; it is God’s miracles. We should remember God’s miracles as recorded in the Old and New Testament because they have an impact on our lives today. He also shared a bit of Bible Trivia: The center of the bible is Psalm 118 v. 6, the shortest Psalm is Psalm 117, and the longest is Psalm 119.

Our speaker, Sharron Miller, gave a very educational Powerpoint presentation on brain structure, function and health. There are two kinds of stroke: ischemic, which accounts for 85% of strokes and hemorrhagic which accounts for 15%. Dementia is when there are problems with the cognitive function of the brain that interfere with daily functioning and is the 7th most prevalent cause of death. Some messages from the presentation included: The biggest treats to brain health are stroke and dementia. Brain fitness is a critical part of overall health. Cognition is more than memory; thinking skills and association are important. What is bad for the heart is bad for the brain, and brain health can be mastered by your life style.

Ruth Finklestein led us in exercises which included hand and arm stretching and balance while holding on to a chair. New exercise sheets were passed out with a caution that if an exercise feels too difficult is should not be done. Ruth also continued with the series on “Safety in the Home” which featured the bedroom where we looked at ways to de-clutter.

A delicious lunch of hearty beef stew, Caesar salad, and crispy sour dough bread was prepared and served by Al and Kahlei Diaz. We all agreed that we loved the beef stew and had never before had it on the menu for our Senior luncheon. Dessert was strawberry shortcake.

Our thanks to Sharron Miller and the Diaz family for a wonderful event, and to Donna Beaman and her crew for setting up, serving and cleaning up. What a great team!

We look forward to seeing all of you at our next senior lunch, April 10th, and remember, bring a friend if you can!

From Mardell Rogers, LWIM Member

Lutheran Women in Mission affirm, encourage, and enable women, in relationship with the Triune God, to use their gifts in ministry to people of the world.

CNH LWML MITES Projects - The first 13 projects are funded.

Mission Project #14 ($7,500) Hindu Outreach & Church Planning, North Central India (Agency: People of the Book Lutheran Outreach, Dearborn Heights, MI)

Mission Project #15 ($5000) Jewish Outreach Scholarship (Apple of His Eye, Fenton, Missouri.)


No Bible Breakfast on Holy Saturday, April 3 Thursday, April 8, 1:00 pm, LWIM meeting, Bible Study Leader: Gary Behrens.

Business will include vote on new mission grant proposal 2010-2012. April 15: Last day to register for CNH LWML Convention (postmark by 4/15) April 30- May 2 “Know the Hope- Jesus Christ”: CNH LWML Convention

CNH LWML Convention “Know the Hope – Jesus Christ”.

Convention Information

Send registration postmarked by April 15, 2010. The convention will be hosted at the Wyndham Hotel, San Jose. Cant’ come to the WHOLE convention? One day, Saturday, lunch included $65.

This price includes the morning and afternoon bible study on the Hope… by Rev. Doctor Kenneth R. Klaus, speaker of “The Lutheran Hour” plus inspirational speaker Peggy Turnepseed.

Look for registration information on the table in the front area of the event center (Luther Hall Grand Street entry).

Convention Ingathering Kits

Bethel Center, City Team and First Resort. List of items for each are on the information table in Luther Hall.


LWML District Convention Hostess Committee April 30-May 2, San Jose

If you like helping others, the Hostess Committee is for you - - - greeting attendees, ushering at the worship services, assisting with communion, helping people find their way around the Convention venue and answering questions. Each volunteer need only sign up for one time slot, however, you are welcome to sign up for more time slots if you wish. Orientation (Wyndham Hotel, San Jose) is planned for Saturday, April 10, 12:30pm (more details later). Contact Lynnette Campbell, or (925) 685-8607.


Help Sunday30 (Children’s Ministry) fill the crosses with our sins! During the Lenten Season (February 17 - April 2), there are 5 crosses placed throughout the Redeemer campus:

Worship Center foyer Redeemer School entrance Fellowship Hall Church Office entrance Courtyard

Write a sin on a paper dove provided and attach it to a cross. You are welcome to do this as often as you choose, and these items may be anonymous.

On Good Friday, the doves will be removed from the crosses and placed in a closed container that represents the tomb where Jesus’ body was laid, taking our sins with Him.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie McCollum, 364-1319 or

Service Opportunities for Redeemer Members

“Holy Grounds Café” needs re-activation … are you willing to help? This activity entails coordinating weekly volunteers to provide delicious coffee to church members, purchasing supplies, training volunteers and making sure coffee related items are being maintained properly. Contact the church office to volunteer, 3665892.

Tutors Needed: Tutors for K-5 for Roosevelt School, one hour, once a week. Contact Carole Farnum to volunteer, 364-5899

From Michael Mancini, Principal

Redeemer Lutheran School -Creating The Future One Child At A Time!

One of my favorite individuals in the bible is Paul. He always spoke with great joy for his Lord and was always so positive about situations in his life. I was recently reading Paul's letter to the Thessalonians and was so impressed by the prayer of thanksgiving he wrote. After reading the prayer, I thought, "That's what I would like to say to the parents and teachers at Redeemer." So allow me to use Paul's words and personalize them a bit.

“I always thank God for all of you as I remember you in my prayers. In the presence of our God and Father, I never forget that your faith is active, your love is working hard, and your confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ is enduring.

Brothers and sisters, I never forget this because I know that God loves you and has chosen you”.

As we begin the start of the third and final trimester, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your dedication and commitment to Redeemer. I am in awe of the gifts our great God blesses us with each day. Our enrollment continues to grow, some classes are at capacity for next year, and our parents continue to refer new families to us daily. PRAISE GOD! This is such an exciting time on our campus and all of you are the reason we continue to be “A Beacon of Light “ to the community! All I can say is, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!"

Almost over! Looking toward next year: Can you believe it? The year is almost over! For the fall, we are thrilled to have a full Kindergarten, Second, and Fourth Grades. PRAISE GOD! We are receiving many inquiries for the other grades so please make sure you re-enroll ASAP! We are very blessed to have parents such as you and we look forward to giving your children not only a quality education, but also the Christian values and morals that will allow them to succeed in forever changing society. Make it apart of your gift of LOVE to Christ, to introduce a friend to the wonderful ministries of Redeemer Lutheran School. Together we can make a difference in a child or family’s life. You are all very special to our community and WE thank our great God each day for your love and commitment to Redeemer Lutheran School. If you know of a family what would like to ba apart of a Christian community and cannot afford a private school education, please have them contact me at school. We want every child to have the opportunity to experience Christ’s love daily.

Roundball Weekend! 22 Teams from as far as Carson City, Nevada came to Redwood City to compete in our Roundball Tournament and Cheerleader Shootout. What a GREAT weekend this was for us to show everyone what RLS is really all about. Many families, coaches, players and principals wrote letters and spoke with the committee on how wonderful the experience was for their children and school. They were very touched by the Christian love shown to them from OUR families who were working the different areas.

THANK YOU! The tournament would not have been so successful if it were not for the many people who worked hard to make this great event. To all the parent volunteers who worked the doors and concession stand and everyone else a big Redeemer THANK YOU!

Gale Olsen: For all the incredible behind the scene work in creating programs,

collecting all the information from each school, setting up the cheerleading

judges and much more! Thanks!

Denise and Rob Lenahan: For setting up the scoring teams, game books and

everything else!

Gary Behrens: For continued support through ALL the years!

Jim and Stepahnie Fazio: For putting together and running the concession

Stand and setting up all the school volunteers for the weekend!

Score Keepers & All Tournament Selection Committee: Rob, Denise, Molly

and Frank Lenahan, Lisa Mancini, Denise Maier, Gary Behrens, and Kurt


Weekly Sunday Worship Schedule

8:45 am BandLed Contemporary / Sunday School

10:30 am OrganLed Traditional

Easter Sunday Worship Adult Bible Study9 AM Blood Pres. Rreadings

10:15 AM

See Worship Schedule

See Worship Schedule

See Worship Schedule

NO SCHOOL Church Office Closed 6pm Food 12steps 7pm Toastmasters 7:30pm AA

8:30am Moms in Touch 10am Counters 6pm Food 12steps 7pm Toastmasters 7:30pm AA

8:30am Moms in Touch 10am Counters 6pm Food 12steps 7pm Toastmasters 7:30pm AA

8:30am Moms in Touch 10am Counters 6pm Food 12steps 7pm Toastmasters 7:30pm AA NO SCHOOL 10am Counters

7pm H2H 6pm PSC Auction Mtg 7pm PSC Mtg 7pm Bd of Lay Ministers Mtg 7pm CERT NO SCHOOL 6:30am Men’s Breakfast 7pm Praise Band Practice

6:30am Men’s Breakfast 3:15pm Daisy Troop 6:30pm Tiger Cubs 7pm Praise Band Practice

6:30am Men’s Breakfast 8am Collate Newsletters 7pm Praise Band Practice

6:30am Men’s Breakfast 6:30pm Tiger Cubs 7pm Praise Band Practice

Maundy Thursday RLS Chapel/Seder 8:45AM Adult Bell Choir 6PM LWG 101 6:30PM Home Seders 6pm Communion Service 7:45pm AA Meeting 7:30:00 PM

NO SCHOOL 6pm Adult Bells Practice 6:30pm Life w/God 7pm Celebration Choir 7pm Women’sBible Study

6pm Adult Bells Practice 6:30pm Life w/God 7pm Celebration Choir 7pm Women’sBible Study

6pm Adult Bells Practice 6:30pm Life w/God 7pm Celebration Choir 7pm Women’sBible Study 7pm Venture Scouts

8:45am Chapel 6pm Adult Bells Practice 6:30pm Life w/God 7pm Celebration Choir 7pm Women’sBible Study 7pm RLS Open House

Holy Week Chapel 8:45AM AA Meeting 7:30PM Good Friday Services 12:30pm and 7pm

NO SCHOOL 9am Life Enrichment Board Mtg 7:30pm AA

8:45am Chapel 7:30pm AA

8:45am Chapel 6:30pm H2H Lock In 7:30pm AA


11am Life Enrichment

8:15am Bags of Love

7:30am Board of Directors Mtg 6pm RLS Auction