Sunday30 is the Sunday School group at Redeemer Lutheran Church.
This year, fundraising efforts are being supported by Pinecone Art and Christian craft kits made by the Sunday30 Team.

Products include:

(sizes of cones vary because this is a product of nature)

Birdfeeder Kits: Ponderosa Tree Pinecone, birdseed and instructions included.
Decorative Pinecone baskets featuring SugarPine Cones.
Decorative Pinecone door hangers featuring SugarPine Cones
Firestarter Pinecone packs
Individual Sugarpine cones of high quality and large size

Sugarpine pine cones are the largest of the coniferous tree cones. They grow in several western states. The pinecones pictured here were collected in the Sierra Nevadas. The ruler is 6 inches long.

Sugarpine Pinecone